Does it make sense to run Kratos locally when deve...
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Does it make sense to run Kratos locally when developing/testing? What incongruities can I expect between local Kratos in dev and Ory Cloud in prod?
the systems (apis, configs, …) are the same but it might be a bit more work to get all the URLs right as you switch between systems
what’s limiting you from using another ory cloud project for local dev?
Nothing but a preference to use local resources for dev/testing :~)
Sounds like it's probably not worthwhile in this case though
I was under the impression that after the recent endpoint changes, Cloud and self-hosted should use all the same routes?
Hey Forrest, yes they are using the same routes. I think hackerman was more referring to redirects you would need to change locally.
Hi @User Do you think it would be beneficial for you to use something like a mock library when developing locally (i'm assuming on the frontend)? Or did you want all the functionality the cloud project gives you but locally on your machine?
A mock library might make sense for testing but it's of course not really practical for development.
In my case, my project is AWS-native, but while developing locally, Lambdas are replaced with simple web servers, DynamoDB is replaced with an in-memory emulator. So you can see how Ory is kinda the odd one out.
It sounds like running Kratos locally is doable but probably not really beneficial, so I think I'll just use a testing cloud account.
Yeah I get what you mean. That is why I was thinking that a mock library might help you when you don't need to test Ory specific flows, but rather you business logic.