Hi I am new to Cerbos and to Ory.   I am evaluatin...
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Hi I am new to Cerbos and to Ory.   I am evaluating both  platforms  to use with our ML based open-source tool we are developing. I have few questions, please help. Which product of Ory's open-source tools can I compare with Cerbos (cerbos.dev)? Among the Ory's tools, which one I can use along with Cerbos? Or,  Does Ory have a tool which can be used instead of Cerbos?
Hey Chandu, see also my reply in the general channel, but Ory Keto is the project you are looking for! https://ory-community.slack.com/archives/C010F7Z4XM1/p1639991865247500?thread_ts=1639899747.246700&cid=C010F7Z4XM1 Also check out this workshop on designing Authorization with Ory Keto: