Hi Ory Community, I am reaching you out to try to ...
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Hi Ory Community, I am reaching you out to try to solve some doubts I have regarding Ory Keto. As far as I has been able to discover, there is currently a stable version 0.5.x which is not following the Zanzibar paper and 0.6.x, 0.7.x and now 0.8.x release which are based on Zanzibar. My question is in regards the stability of the 0.7.x to use it in production: • Is it supporting PostgreSQL? • Does someone has tested it with let say millions of rows? • Other than that I know some features not implemented yet, would be that channel the best place to discuss feature specific questions or it is better to use Github discussions? Features I am interested in following/testing/contributing are: • Database sharding / Graph DB / Spicedb • RBAC • Reverse indexing (Query the list of objects a user has access to) • Performance test scalability
• versioning: all releases are considered "production ready" - read more here https://www.ory.sh/docs/ecosystem/versioning • postgres is supported • for feature request, look into github issues and comment on the ones that are already there, or create new ones if there is none yet
Not sure what the biggest prod deployment is, but I know that there are prod deployments of the zanzibar keto out there. Maybe someone from the community can give figures? 😉
Reee Patrik was faster 😅 but I will add to it a bit Keto is supporting PostgresSQL and MySQL As for performance, there is some documentation on it: https://www.ory.sh/keto/docs/performance/ also some discussions on GH: https://github.com/ory/keto/discussions/659 (possibly more)
And to discuss questions around features (not feature requests) best use GitHub Discussions. Slack can also be good, but for more complex (=interesting) discussions it is better to use GitHub Discussions, it also saves the content as in Slack it tends to be super hard to find after some time.
That was quick!, thanks you so much. I will be following your recommendations and posting into the GitHub discussions for proposals and deeper feature discussions. You rock Ory Community!
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