# ory-selfhosting
https://ory-community.slack.com/archives/C012RJ2MQ1H/p1648023046008879 Reposting @User question here, since the issue is most likely connected to AKS / Helm,.
Hello @User
I run Kratos in AKS and running kratos-selfservice-ui-react-nextjs locally
I think this is the reason why you dont get a resumable session. Kratos and the selfservice UI must be on the same domain. so for example auth.example.com and kratos.example.com should work.
Thanks! I'll try this and come back to you 🙂
Ok so I dockerized the selfservice-ui example app, and deployed it to my cluster, but I still face the same error. The selfserviceui now runs on selfservice-ui.example.com and kratos public running on kratos.example.com, I changed my values.yaml replacing all localhost:3000 selfservice-ui.example.com
Is there something I'm missing in my values.yaml maybe? and should my cookies.domain & session.cookie.domain be ".example.com" or without this dot?