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@User and @User Thanks so much! Vincent: Yes, I saw that effort! It looks like a solid design document and a pretty exciting way forward. I'm interested in tracking it. My task is to compare providers for now and knowing there's a potential way forward in the works is a plus for using Ory, but a bit of a risk factor in moving forward in the immediacy. Thomas: I hear you! Since our company is composed of a bunch of different products [most included through acquisitions] with a lot of different SAML implementations, I don't have a holistic view of what we do. For my startup, I had personally written a PHP SAML implementation using OneLogin's "php-saml" library years ago that's still in use. I think other products might use some sort of 3rd party SAML service? I wouldn't recommend writing PHP anything, of course, and I'm otherwise not familiar hardly at all [yet!] with the Ory stack. 😞
Hey Craig, just to follow up on this; I could make a note to let you know as soon as this is in a testing stage (or alternatively you subscribe to the github issue, that would probably work too).