Hey all, wish you a happy new year :slightly_smili...
# ory-network
Hey all, wish you a happy new year 🙂 - We are currently running kratos in self-hosted mode for two of our projects. For a new project, we want to use ory cloud as it does not make sense for us to run it on our own. As we are also planing to use Keto for managing access to our resources I was wondering if Keto is already available as Cloud-Offer as I can't see it in the management ui? - Thx
Hello Stephan, it is not available as of now, but will be implemented in Q1; we are working feverishly on adding Keto and Hydra to Ory Cloud 🙂
Okay Vincent, thank you! - I assume to process of migrating from self-hosted to Keto will be not that complicated?
You will need to be on the latest version of Ory Keto. Another important factor will be the number of relation tuples you have. The more there are, the longer the process will take. But if you are below a million it should be fine
Thanks @User - As we are just starting to build, this will be just a few thousands I guess. I will keep an eye on the release notes of Keto. Thx.