Ah, sorry, you were asking about go, it would be l...
# ory-network
Ah, sorry, you were asking about go, it would be like so:
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ctx := context.Background()

	res, err := client.V0alpha2Api.AdminDeleteIdentity(context.WithValue(context.Background(), ory.ContextAccessToken, "the-token"), "asdf").Execute()
Sorry for the trouble, I've taken the code and package it as follows. Unfortunately I get an opaque error response.
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// DeleteIdentity remove an identity
func (c *Client) DeleteIdentity(ctx context.Context, identityID string) error {
	res, err := c.oryhttpc.V0alpha2Api.AdminDeleteIdentity(c.contextWithSecret(ctx), identityID).Execute()
	if err != nil {
		return err
	defer res.Body.Close()

	return nil
Invoking this returns the following error:
undefined response type
. the
simply adds the PAT to the context. Have I missed something?
Also the signature in the documentation for the API call is different than what the module
is reporting. In the module it returns an http.Response and error. In the latest docs it returns a tuple in the example. Not sure it is a big deal.
No idea what happened, but delete works - ty!
Ok cool 🙂 We will be working on these experiences heavily in the next few months