Soo during dev on localhost my Next.js integration...
# ory-network
Soo during dev on localhost my Next.js integration works fine, but deployed with a real domain I'm getting a 404 response for
routes (looks like it's coming from Ory cloud since there is a request id). Any ideas?
what is the response body you get?
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code	404
status	"Not Found"
request	"fa18de00-0b24-4855-96bc-b411d191918d"
message	"The requested resource could not be found"
Seems like if I access the pod port (3000) from within the cluster it works. The rest of my site works so I don't think there are any ingress routing issues. Does the next api handler care if internal and external ports are different?
Alright, I figured it out. The issue is with
headers that get piped to the ory api, it works when I filter them out. Do you guys want me to submit a PR to ory integrations or do you want to do some investigation on your end? Headers are as follows:
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'x-forwarded-for': '',
  'x-forwarded-host': 'foo.localhost',
  'x-forwarded-port': '443',
  'x-forwarded-proto': 'https',
  'x-forwarded-server': 'traefik-6fcb876df4-4mfsv',
The correct solution is probably to remove all non-standard headers and not just x-forwarded
thanks a lot for that ❤️