Is there a solution for multi-tenancy with user po...
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Is there a solution for multi-tenancy with user pool isolation, and custom domains and UI experiences, in the ORY cloud? How about a means to integrate something like Criipto/NemID solutions? We are a multi-tenancy whitelabelled fintech SaaS startup, on Auth0 but considering alternatives due to the per tenant cost as we need "enterprise" integrations like Criipto/NemID. AWS Cognito was promising ( we are an AWS CDK stack primarily ) but they have a hard limit of 4 custom domains per account, and multi-accounts feels painful. Been watching Ory from a far for a few years now and impressed with the ecosystem, but not quite sure how to piece together an offering and how much is ready ( from a Cloud perspective). Thanks !
Hey @User - interesting questions! I do not know Criipto/NemID so can#t say much about that but it looks like some national ID system? I've seen on their page though that they work with Klarna which we do too so maybe there's something we can do here? Regarding multi-tenancy, we definitely support setting up as many projects (tenants) as you want. We currently limit the number of custom domains on these tenants as we buy them from a re-seller but if your company is interested in a solution here we're always very open to talk! If you want to get in touch with us, the best way would be to reach out to to initiate a convo. Hope this helps you 🙂
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