<!channel> heads up - we are releasing full config...
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<!channel> heads up - we are releasing full configuration compatibility between Ory Cloud and Ory Kratos today. That means that you will be able to use Social Sign In, Web Hooks, custom EMail senders and SMTP servers, and all other of the detailed configuration options available in Ory Kratos going forward. Please be aware that there might be some flakes in the API behavior for a few minutes as we are upgrading the systems and clusters. If you notice anything strange please do let us know immediately. Regarding documentation, this will follow in the next milestone on our end, meaning we start working on it next week! I will let you know with another ping when we the upgrade has finished on our end
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can you smell what the rock is cooking
Assuming the upgrade has finished?
Yes, we are currently monitoring that everything went smoothly and on stand by to resolve any potential regressions
Has the detailed Kratos configuration been rolled out to all users or still in progress?
it's been rolled out but it's not yet documentented. I think @User reverse engineered it already 😆
ahh so it's rolled out to the API behind the UI
it's also only API right now but a cli functionality is coming very soon to be able to import a keatos config
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got it!
yes, the ui will take more time :)
makes sense