Hi guys, first of all, thanks for the amazing proj...
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Hi guys, first of all, thanks for the amazing project! I was reading through the blog post about React Native and saw that there is a part two coming — when should we expect this? I also had another question about this. Say I have a Next.js app (following the self service example) alongside my React Native app, would it make sense to use the Next.js’ API (
) for the React Native app as well, or should the API be moved to e.g. a Node app which is then used by both the Next.js app and RN app instead?
For the native app you can use kratos directly, or the proxy URL - both work :) Second part is still to be worked on 😅
I’ve only been trying out Kratos for 2 days or so, so correct me if I’m wrong: I am using the Next.js app in a monorepo, so since I’m initialising the client like so
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import { edgeConfig } from "@ory/integrations/next";
import { Configuration, V0alpha2Api } from "@ory/kratos-client";

export const ory = new V0alpha2Api(new Configuration(edgeConfig));
I am guessing that if I add a React Native app I will have to initialise it differently — and instead of using
, I can use the URL from port forwarding the Kratos Docker Image directly? If that is the case, why is the same not done with the Next.js example and do we have the
route? Sorry I am a bit confused 😛
Yes, exactly 🙂 You can use both in fact!