Hello everyone, I am trying to configure kratos wi...
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Hello everyone, I am trying to configure kratos with selfservice method
with generic provider configuration. I made everything work with an identity server hosted with SSL certificate from trusted authority (I used Let'sencrypt). The problem is the whole solution is not working if I host the identity server with a self signed certificate. I couldn't find a way to provision the list of trusted authorities (CAs) in kratos config. The error I am getting from kratos is like 'Self signed certificate found while discovery" Can anybody suggest on this?
I assume you’re running Kratos from the official docker image. I think the best solution would be to add your self-signed certificate like suggested on StackOverflow. This would mean that you create your own kratos image with a self-signed certificate added to trusted certificates. The other option would be to modify kratos to accept TLS verification which would bypass the certificate but this is bad from a security perspective, plus you would still have to create a docker image based on the modified code. Option #1 sounds better 🙂