hello, I use kratos version 0.7, register 1 accoun...
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hello, I use kratos version 0.7, register 1 account, then login ok. After that, I upgrade kratos to latest version (current master branch), everything is ok (migration script ok, update a little bit config file then start kratos ok), but cannot login with previous account, got this error below:
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The provided credentials are invalid, check for spelling mistakes in your password or username, email address, or phone number.
I checked that kratos config already have hashers config below, is there any step I missed?
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    parallelism: 1
    memory: 128MB
    iterations: 2
    salt_length: 16
    key_length: 16
I found the issue, it comes from config relating to identity old config:
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  default_schema_url: file:///etc/config/kratos/identity.schema.json
new config must change to schema with name = "default" (before I use other name and it doesn't work, when I update to default, login ok)
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    - id: default
      url: file:///etc/config/kratos/identity.schema.json
  default_schema_id: default
Thanks! I will make a note to add this to https://www.ory.sh/docs/kratos/guides/upgrade