While updating to latest keto, I also updated to t...
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While updating to latest keto, I also updated to the latest keto-java-client. But it seems that for a
GET /relation-tuples
the object and relation parameter are now required. But the documentation says that "List API: Display all Objects a User has Access to" is still possible. I could create a ticket or Pull Request for that, but I am unsure where to do that, due to being some kind of automatic process 🙂
You want to update the keto-java-client documentation, did I understand that correctly? I can point you in the right direction, sec
the spec is incorrect the problem is that here https://github.com/ory/keto/blob/cf7cddc62b6b010cdd31c911c56c3fc2d90cd8e8/internal/relationtuple/read_server.go#L50-L57 we reference that definition https://github.com/ory/keto/blob/cf7cddc62b6b010cdd31c911c56c3fc2d90cd8e8/internal/relationtuple/transact_server.go#L64-L110 but it should be a copy of that without the
// required: true
comments so the fix would be to copy the content of the
into the
struct and remove all the required annotations
Patrick is correct , the required annotations are the problem
would you be up for a fix?
Sure. As I understand it it would only require to change
and than a new build would be required
we auto-generate that file using
make sdk
from those code comments
so copy that type definition to one without the required annotations, and then run
make sdk
to update the spec
Hello, I added a PR, but it fails on cireleci . But i basically only changed some documentation .... but that seems to lead that auto generated code is now breaking a lot more than expected. due to some string vs *string
Got it fixed 😂 https://github.com/ory/keto/pull/760 is ready to go