I mentioned a weird issue of double map[ ] in the ...
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I mentioned a weird issue of double map[] in the Golang library and it appears I'm not the only one not knowing what to do: https://github.com/ory/sdk/issues/155 If any maintainer out there, interested to know your thoughts on this! 🙂
@User is it something the Ory team is aware of?
Hello Thomas, due to the autogenerated nature of our SDK (using OpenAPI generator) there are sometimes some errors like this created. We are looking for someone who can work on upstream OpenAPI issues to make the SDKs more smooth, so if you know someone who likes to work fulltime on OSS: https://www.ory.sh/jobs/SDK-maintainer/ Also tagging @User, since today is his SDK day 🤗
Hello. Yep. I’ll take a look and come back with results
it looks like a bug in SDK because acceptconsent handler waits
As a workaround you can use a forked version of SDK that you can find in comments https://github.com/monok-o/hydra-client-go/commit/de77bfac3384d533a4d7d54dab898ddd1f22b712