Hello All, I am new joiner here in this community....
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Hello All, I am new joiner here in this community. I am looking for a RESTful API identity management and Security Tool(Mostly from open source stack). Found this tool is pomissing. My question is, is it allowed to register my RESTful API in Ory Management tool so that the client application(Mostly Mobile app and thrid party applications ) can call the APIs? Please help
I'm not very expert here but I think you are referring to Hooks
@brief-autumn-91246 Thanks. I will check it.
I think the answer is just "yes" - Hydra and/or Kratos for issuing access credentials, and Oathkeeper in front of the APIs to guard them
@creamy-artist-93365 you would need to expain what part of the Ory stack you plan to use, and perhaps explain your deployment scenario. Would you use Ory Cloud (the best place to run Ory) or run some private instance yourself ?