Last ping for a while <!here> ! Huge thanks to ev...
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Last ping for a while <!here> ! Huge thanks to everyone participating in the Ory Summit this year, all the attendees and speakers, and also everyone involved in making this happen! We will upload most of the presentations and all the slides to youtube/github, just watch the #announcements. Lastly, we promised everyone attending the Ory Summit the change to win an exclusive Summit Shirt. I will send out an email to all attendees with a short feedback survey with instructions how to take part in the TShirt raffle in the course of next week. (By the way, we have about ~100+ shirts, so you have a >25% chance to get one!)
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I didn’t attend to the summit, but out of curiosity. The sizes of shirts, are they in “big & tall” sizes? it’s s super classic that shirt producers only have up to 3XL where many in IT industry are in the “big & tall” category.