The “not finished” and “missing features” were not...
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The “not finished” and “missing features” were notes from coworkers, although pretty sure they’re resolved when I investigated. A big question we’re interested in knowing, is where is the team at with the cloud offerings? Would you recommend this for a production workload in its current state? (I’m 99.9% sure this is going to be a no, based on it being early access, but I’d prefer the ORY stack personally, so hoping on the off chance here). As this would definitely sway us in the direction of ORY, currently with it being self hosted, there’s a lot of work on the engineering side to get it all implemented + infrastructure, updates and maintenance etc
Thank you for the insights! What are your expectations for a production system? You can also get a spot in the Ory Insider program and see what it’s all about /cc @magnificent-energy-493
@quick-motorcycle-79211 super good to have you around! Let's talk and find out what your expectations are and if the early access program makes sense for you? Reach out:
Hey! yeah definitely keen on getting access to the insider program to evaluate it, mainly just reliability, if it's up, working with redundancy and solid uptime
Hey @orange-needle-13244, I've sent an email!
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