is there a way to debug oathkeeper’s authenticator...
# ory-selfhosting
is there a way to debug oathkeeper’s authenticator checks? for some reason it appears my check is not working in production so it is falling down to the noop (which i include only for non-auth’d requests), but it’s difficult to debug exactly why as it works in local environments
i tried turning up logging, but it doesn’t appear to give details of the exact check results, even on trace logging
You mean to check access rule evaluation?
In case you use glob matching strategy, you can get glob lib and use its unittest to check.
in this case i’m using the bearer_token authenticator, and that validation call seems to be failing though i can’t seem to figure out why, i would like it to actually log the reason why it failed (e.g. “timeout”, “response status 400", whatever) so i know what happened, as right now it’s just moving to the next step without giving any useful information
😕 Debugging is one of those topics currently parked for oathkeeper next gen. Did you set the log level etc. to trace/debug already?
yes, it doesn’t really give me any more details about exactly what’s happening as it executes the authenticators though
still basically just says “starting request… completed request…” no matter what level it’s on, more logging around that but nothing during the request handling
it's maybe the host header
meaning it isn’t matching that authenticator at all so it is just skipping it completely? that’s possible
i’ll see how far i can get manually
thanks for your suggestions