BUT! the rules do not appear on any of the pods th...
# ory-selfhosting
BUT! the rules do not appear on any of the pods that have these rules its very misleading and it makes it seem as if the rules were not added in the pod, yet they were very confused, i've been at this for a while and cant seem to understand why it lies like that
Hi there, let’s get some context first 😉 Are you using the maester controller or deploying oathkeeper with our charts?
If you are using a configmap to store the rules, please make sure that the cm is mounted in the pods, if you are deploying oathkeeper on your own
second thing, when using a CM, k8s has a grace period of about 2 minutes to propagate the data from the CM to the pod
hello @User, i am using your charts not the maester, it seems that the cm is mounted because the rules are working, even after hours i dont see the rules when use the GET rules api
so again its the same issue, hit the endpoint, it works, use the /decisions api, it works, but use the GET /rules api, the rules added do not appear
even after hours of being deployed that is