Hi folks! I'm using <ory's helm charts> to deploy...
# ory-selfhosting
Hi folks! I'm using ory's helm charts to deploy hydra and example-idp, and trying to use NodePort type (in this question, let's say for example-idp chart). Initially, setting "service.type=NodePort" results in creation of NodePort service; good! But port value is randomized, which doesn't work with our cluster configuration. Next, setting "service.nodePort=32010" has no effect. Editing templates/service.yaml to set spec.ports.nodePort=.Values.service.nodePort fixes that, the port is now correct, good! But certain endpoints are not reachable: $ curl -v http://localhost:32010 // returns example idp "you have reached..." welcome msg, good! $ curl -v http://localhost:32010/login // fails with 500 internal server 'invalid URL' error Using the Ingress type and installing ingress-nginx will resolve the curl to /login end point, where it (correctly) times out on failed challenge response... but as mentioned, ingress type is not suitable at this time for our deployment. So I'm not sure what needs to be fixed up next in order to correctly route the various endpoints (/login, /logout, etc.) to the NodePort type example-idp service? Any tips? Fairly new to k8s/helm deployment configuration, so maybe something obvious I've overlooked! Thanks, Nathan
Hi there, for NodePort, you are right we are missing that in the charts, contributions welcome 😉 As for the 500 error, don’t you need to set https://github.com/ory/k8s/blob/master/helm/charts/kratos-selfservice-ui-node/values.yaml#L119 base url, which in this case would be localhost? It does not seem to be deployment/chart related as the application is responding