Hey there, is it possible now for a single instanc...
# ory-selfhosting
Hey there, is it possible now for a single instance of self-hosted Kratos to support interactions with multiple websites from different top level domains? e.g., ā€¢
So the same user can log in on the two websites with the same account. Sessions does not need to be shared, so it is fine to have to log in to each of the website seperately. Or do we I have to deploy a different instance of Kratos for each of the website whilst sharing the same database. An alternative solution I guess would be to also use Hydra.
have a look at https://github.com/ory/kratos/issues/662 and https://www.ory.sh/docs/hydra/concepts/before-oauth2 basically you are right, two instances of kratos with a different config and same db will be an easy workaround
or you can use Ory Cloud and setup multiple cnames with the same project
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Cheers Patrik! Always quick with the response šŸ˜
I was initially thinking of using Ory Cloud, but our company is trying to self-host things as much as possible unless absolutely necessary
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Just a quick clarification, I am right in thinking that even without needing shared log in sessions, it is still impossible for the two different websites to interact with the same Kratos instance right?
@User (sorry for the bump, pls lmk if this is not allowed in this slack)
Kratos uses the config values to set cookies on the right domain, and it only supports one domain so yes, you need multiple instances for that reason
Awesome thank you, thats what i assumed too but wanted to make sure !