Not yet, but it's on the roadmap
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Not yet, but it's on the roadmap
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How many full time maintainers do you have actively working on kratos? Unfortunately I dropped Golang a number of years ago in favour of Rust. But there are many good reasons why learning kratos and then contributing would be hugely beneficial. It's great to have an open source piece of software that does this stuff.
It is still a relatively small team, about 9 people from Ory working on Kratos I would say. (not counting me, I mostly contribute documentation & quick fixes) If you are interested in contributing and are unclear where/how to start, reach out to me 🙂 We also have need of virtually every programming language, especially Rust! Ory seems really popular in the Rust ecosystem and I would love to provide them with a good example app/guide. I have 0 knowledge of Rust though.