Hello, I am attempting to set up a custom domain, ...
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Hello, I am attempting to set up a custom domain, but am having issues. It appears we are both using Cloudflare and after creating the CNAME record I get an
1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned
error. From my limited understanding this appears to be this is a security feature of Cloudflare, preventing me from creating records thats are CNAMEs for domains in another account. This can apparently be solved by reaching out to Cloudflare support and having them mark the your domain as “allowed to be the target of CNAMEs”. Is this something Ory would be willing to do or should I find another solution?
Hello Geoffrey, thank you for the report. I am pinging @User who should be able to help with this. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hi Geoffrey, thanks for reporting and sorry that inconvenience also from my side. I will check with our contacts on Cloudflare side and contact you directly to get this resolved. Best, Andreas
Quick update, we are in discussion with Cloudflare and discussing the different options.
I created an issue in our Ory Cloud repo to keep track of the issue: https://github.com/ory/cloud/issues/61 We are currently in contact with Cloudflare to resolve this issue which doesnt rely on whitelisting customer domains.
I setup a private Cloudflare accounts and configured it as described in the Ory Console and couldnt reproduce to error. In addition we reviewed the setup with a solution architect from Cloudflare and he confirmed that it is setup correctly. It would be great if we can setup a quick call @User to check what might cause the issue on your end.