Am I correct in understanding that, since Kratos a...
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Am I correct in understanding that, since Kratos and my application need to be on the same domain, the free plan cannot be used for real applications?
At the moment custom domain is the way to go when using Ory Cloud in production. You can (possibly) work around the custom domain with Ory Proxy:
We are giving away the Start Up plan free for a year by the way: Just use
on Stripe checkout.
I tried the promo code and it said it was expired
Not relevant to the above but - I would be most happy to self-host Kratos, but the dependency on a RDBMS makes it infeasible to use in a serverless environment. Really wish Dynamo was supported.
Hey, we have fixed the coupon issues - so it should work again 🙂 You don’t need a subscription plan to set up domains, you can also use the Ory Proxy. It is a bit more wiring work but much less work than running everything yourself. Because Ory is an open source project and we value open source as a community and concept, we will never support proprietary databases such as DynamoDB as it excludes a large potion of the developer base from using the technology. It is also a lot of work to implement and maintain and test, and DynamoDB additionally does not have the right ACID compliance for Ory Kratos to be secure :/
And lastly, we have priced Ory Cloud’s small subscription so low (no other provider offers unlimited identities for 18$ per month) because we want to compete with e.g. DynamoDB pricing. Keep in mind that you get a lot of other things too: 1. Managed pages for e.g. login 2. Compliance 3. Zero-downtime updates 4. Security monitoring by the most serious security engineers in the world 5. Administrative UIs 6. Constant updates and new features And much much more. Using Ory Cloud is much more than just a hosted Ory Kratos version. And it’s priced so that it’s affordable for (hopefully) almost everyone!
Thank you for taking time to address my complaining on two platforms at once aeneas 😄 I appreciate the help! I'll definitely be making use of that promo code 🤩
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On the Cloud Proxy page, it says:
Using Ory Cloud without Ory Proxy is currently not encouraged, unless you are writing a mobile application or are only interacting with Ory Cloud's Admin APIs.
It would be really nice to have a little more elaboration here for deciding between this approach and DNS CNAME. If I don't go the proxy route, what features am I missing out on? Just the automatic session resolution?
Oh, that looks outdated - could you link me the URL please?
CNAME / custom domains is very well supported and actually the suggested way of going to production because we have better control over security features that way
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Sure! It's here
And that's a huge relief, because the proxy technique is really hard to implement with a serverless pattern