I have few things I don’t really understand about ...
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I have few things I don’t really understand about refresh and extend sessions. 1. Is it possible to do that as a user ? I see that there says that you have to use the admin endpoint 2. The refresh option can be used with the sdk ? Or do I have to make a request with the parameter and manage this part “manually” ? I am trying to figure out how to do the refresh/extend of a session. If I have to manage it or the sdk already does that.
Hi @User 1. Yes you as a user can refresh your session, meaning you can direct the user into a login flow with the
parameter (see the docs here, and here). The admin endpoint can extend the session as well, but you need to specifically get the user id to check their sessions and then extend them using the session id. See this API endpoint. 2. The SDK wraps the HTTP Api. So you should be able to use the SDK instead of manually mapping the HTTP endpoints. But you will still need to do a couple of calls to the API to get the user id, session id and then extending the session id.