Hello guys ! I wish you a beautiful week ! I have ...
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Hello guys ! I wish you a beautiful week ! I have more questions: 1. Am I able to impersonate someone as admin ? 2. If I migrate users into ORY then I would like to add roles per user, I can only do this if I keep the ORY id in my database. Will you support filter on listing identities / individual entity by metadata ?
1. Can you elaborate on that a bit? You mean log on to any user identity? 2. You can use Ory Keto very soon for RBAC, is that what you are looking for? In any case filtering / searching for identity traits/data is on the roadmap
1. Yes 2. Yes, I was just thinking that now I need to make this migration in 2 steps as the roles are not supported yet and I need to store Ory id in database so I can match ids (as I can’t filter identities by email/any other field) .
Hi @User No you cannot impersonate user identities on the Admin side We don't support setting identity permissions atm, that is coming soon with the launch of Keto on Ory Cloud🙂
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Hi @proud-plumber-24205 Aight, thank you !