Where can I get more info about hydra and oathkeep...
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Where can I get more info about hydra and oathkeeper? Thanks
Hey Mario, are you looking for something specific? In any case the documentation should cover most things. Let me know if I can help you with a more specific question.
Hello @User I'm trying to use hydra 5 min tutorial with oauthkeeper. Like use hydra as auth server, passing to oathkeeper as proxy and call a simple api server like in docs of oathkeeper
Simple stuff (when we know, like everything else lol) What I don't undertstand is why we don't have a sample or repo with both pieces tied together, in fact in oathkeeper docs we don't see any reference to hydra, I think it deserves a new post of how to tie both services together to protect httpbin.org api
Seems that I'm create some kind of confusion. Maybe re-reading the docs and try to tie both together have more answers.
That is true we dont have a guide how to use both together, would love to collaborate on one if you are up to it. Maybe a simple diagram of what the tutorial should achieve would be a good start!
One problem I see is that there are many ways to use them together, but what you proposed sounds reasonable.
A community member put a reference docker-compose of all four Ory projects together, that could be helpful also: https://github.com/radekg/ory-reference-compose/tree/master/compose/configs
I can work on it
I have a flutter and ionic to glue
In the end is just 5 pieces
Mobile apps 1 and 2 Simple api 3 Oathkeeper 4 Hydra 5
3, 4 and 5 can be a docker compose to be simple for others to use
I start a repo with docker-composr and 3, 4 and 5 asap
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We can have a react app to in the end
I can check community repo today if I have time, maybe we have all pieces well tied
Awesome! I think that sounds great, definitely invite me to the repo, maybe I can help out (and learn a bit too).
Once we have it running we can integrate it into the documentation. Thanks again for looking into it 🙏
Also check out this post on Oathkeeper, i think its a good intro/overview: https://gruchalski.com/posts/2021-05-20-figuring-out-oathkeeper/
Thanks @User I will read and try to start the repo outside of my full time job in spare time. In will start with hydra, oathkeeper and simple unprotected api
One thing comes to my mind in oathkeeper consume the config rules files from api
This way all the code is in api like protected routes etc....another is a graphql server. I only use graphql, but to start is a lot more easier with a simple rest api
Thanks for your time @User I will read the post and check the repo and we talk in a near future.
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I agree a REST API would be best for the start, if it goes well we could look into a graphql extension. You dont have to do all the heavy lifting will try to support you as best as I can 💪
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Awesome post from gruchalsky :) tks @User