hello, I use header mutator to export some headers...
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hello, I use header mutator to export some headers to downstream services. At the beginning, I expose "X-User-ID" and "X-User-Name", everything is ok. Now, I update them to add more headers and change name a little bit:
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    - handler: header
          X-User-ID: '{{ print .Subject }}'
          X-User-Name-Bin: '{{ print .Subject }}'
          X-User-First-Name-Bin: ''
          X-User-Last-Name-Bin: ''
          X-User-Email-Bin: ''
However, from log of downstream services, I just see only 1 header X-User-ID, don't see any header with suffix '-Bin' above. Would you please give me advice: • where can I see log of header mutator? or if I want to add more log, where can I start to dig into? • currently, is there any limitation about name of header of the number of header exported from this header mutator? Thanks so much.
please skip this message, problem comes from nginx config, not oahtkeeper