Not sure where is best to ask this - but I need so...
# talk-oathkeeper
Not sure where is best to ask this - but I need some go tmpl help 😆 - I have two handlers in my ory config,
they both contain the same information, but in different places, given this example payload: 1. How do I get the email address?
{{ or }}
? 2. For the kratos payload, is there a nice way to get the email verified?
2. Do I understand correctly: You want to have the email verified in Kratos without the user going through the flow?
No not at all 😆 well kind of. Firebase users have a JWT, and firebase has validated their email already in this case
Nothing to do with kratos
Or stepping back a bit - we already use oathkeeper to validate JWTs from firebase, and now we’re also going to accept kratos session tokens
Actually, REALLY what I want is two pipelines, a jwt pipeline and and kratos token pipeline, but oathkeeper doesn’t support that
Because, our apps expect a jwt, the firebase jwt already works, but the kratos token we need to use the bearer_token/id_token combo to get a JWT
Could you use two oathkeeper instances to model two pipelines?
I ended up doing this yah
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