Dear ORY Community! We all know what tragic event...
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Dear ORY Community! We all know what tragic events are now taking place in Ukraine, and what consequences this has had for engineering communities around the world. We, always eschewing politics, were looking for ways to expand our connections around the world, to contribute to a lot of open source products and research. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, with our friends and family, and we pray for a speedy end to these terrible events. Unfortunately, now the situation is developing towards the isolation of the huge IT sector, which can create difficulties in collaboration, create barriers that will be difficult if impossible to overcome. Especially, the main threat is blocking github, slack and other products we use for us. However - we hope that politics and wars do not break the spirit of an open community, designed to erase borders and create shared value. The community we are all part of. Therefore, if you can help us maintain a bridge for collaboration or know the tools to support such collaboration, then we will be happy to accept this help.
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Hello Vladimir, thanks for reaching out. Generally we try to keep politics out of our work, but this are exceptional circumstances. Speaking for myself - and hopefully most of us here - I feel that now is the time for the global open source community to stand together for all of our colleagues on both sides of the conflict, who are peaceful and not deserving of being drawn into war and chaos. Bitter divison and the sowing of hate will only lead to more suffering. Hopefully we can find some way to collaborate and communicate in the future if the access to GitHub and Slack is not possible. Hopefully VPNs would still be an option. Right now I am not sure how we can enable this, a communication channel using the Matrix system could be an option.
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