I try to setup Kratos (with docker compose). Did m...
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I try to setup Kratos (with docker compose). Did make a Dockerfile, take the "oryd/kratos:v0.8.0-alpha.3" image, and copy a default config file to "/etc/config/kratos/config.yaml". I did set a ENV variable CONFIG with the same path. But it is not loading the config file. I looked into the docker image to look if the file is really there, and it was. Also the ENV variable was loaded into te container at runtime. Do I miss something (I use the ENV variable, and not use the --config parameter).
Does this ENV var exist? I can not remember having seen it in the docs
It is documentated https://www.ory.sh/kratos/docs/reference/configuration If you search for "config:", then te last result.
you are right
In case it helps: I have overwritten the "entrypoint" declaration to
sleep 9999999
and removed the
from my docker-compose, so kratos boots up and sleeps. I then connected to the container and tried
kratos serve
which fails with the same error, even tough
echo $CONFIG
sucessfully shows the content. i then tried
kratos serve --config $CONFIG
and this works flawlessly, so I guess the env var is simply not parsed.
Ah ok, thanks! Do you think it is needed to create a issue/bug on Github? I will continue with the parameter (for now) 🙂
I have no idea