Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. Two weeks ago...
# talk-kratos
Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. Two weeks ago I found out about Ory, and after some research, together with my team decided that we want to use Ory Kratos in production on our application. We are deploying services using K8s, and I am trying to configure and deploy Ory Kratos. The first question that came to my mind was about the latest stable version that we can use in production. I’m not sure which one is the safer to use. Can someone give some advices regarding this and maybe also some other things that I should keep in mind for deployment?
Hello Mateo, great to hear that you are looking to use Ory Kratos! You should use the latest release, it has gone through very thorough QA and is secure to use. Also if you dont want to deal with the hassle of deploying and upgrading Ory Kratos yourself we offer a Ory Cloud (#cloud) as an alternative deployment method managed by us. You can sign up for a free account and test it out a bit: console.ory.sh.
Thank you for the fast and clear answer @magnificent-energy-493! Another thing that is unclear to me. I want to integrate Ory with another service that I’m creating. So I want to use Ory Kratos for authentication, while at the same time have other services that will handle multiple things. However, they should get the basic data of the user from Kratos’ database I suppose. I suppose it should be possible and if so, can you refer a guide or docs for an introduction to such things?
Should I use this in order to validate the user in another backend service? https://www.ory.sh/kratos/docs/reference/api/#operation/getSelfServiceVerificationFlow