Hey! i have this issue with the StatefulSet from K...
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Hey! i have this issue with the StatefulSet from Kratos on the
version which is throwing all the time a migration SQLite error (which is not the database im using, actually Postgres), the deployment is OK and everything works fine except the StateFulSet, also it would be a great idea to have annotations and k8s specs separated from the deployment. This error is caused by the Helm Kratos chart
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Ignoring migration file 20210805112414000002_settings_flow_context.sqlite3.up.sql because dialect is not supported: unsupported dialect sqlite3
This is the looping message, with differente sql name that throws all the time
Hey Jorge, thanks for reporting ! Could you open an issue or discussion for it in https://github.com/ory/k8s/ ? Also tagging @worried-kitchen-94392 our k8s expert 🤗
The log you send is actually not an error, but info. We support multiple db types and this just informed you that a different db type has need found and SQLite has been skipped. Or do you have some errors after that?
Plus, for all helm related problems we have a dedicated channel #self-hosted
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Splitting the deployment and courier specs was also planned, but feel free to drop us a issue, or even pr :P
Thank you guys!
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