Hi, a login flow doesn't contain a button for acco...
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Hi, a login flow doesn't contain a button for account recovery, right? Is this something that is just expected to be implemented by the UI? To me it feels a bit weird adding this button manually, so I was wondering if it is supposed to be like that and if i could somehow add this button using the kratos config.
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i now implemented it the manual, but i'd really like to have a better and "official" way to show the button
to me it would make sense to show the button after a failed submit
the problem i see is that the ui needs to handle the redirect when clicking on the button
Hey Kate, Yes the button would be implemented in the UI. You can check our reference implementation https://github.com/ory/kratos-selfservice-ui-node
You basically just need to send them to
When and how you show the button is completely up to you.
Let me know if that helped 🙂
Thanks! I thought there might be a better way to do this