Hi, all! I've a newbie question. I am currently to...
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Hi, all! I've a newbie question. I am currently tooling a test env for a project using Kratos & Keto. I've built my own docker-compose files with the inspiration of the examples founds in the doc. It worked. However when configuring the Kratos service, I had to configure an admin endpoint. It turns out that the endpoint is returned in messages replies. Is there a way to configure Kratos in a way that allows me to test it from BOTH within a docker-compose (where the URL should be
AND my localhost where the URL should be
This is not blocking, I ended with a kratos resolution in my
. But I am open to cleaner solution that do neither require root privileges on the host or a containr just for the client CLI tool.
hello there, you might want to try https://caddyserver.com as a reverse proxy server, or trying with
network in docker, which would make the containers seen as external applications on your machine and get a separate IP