Is there a way to set up passwordless auth? I just...
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Is there a way to set up passwordless auth? I just want to send an email or text every time the user wants to sign in
You can set that up using WebAuthn, so the capabilities are included in Ory Kratos. There is still some work to be done for email passwordless out of the box: see this for text: Contributions welcome, let me know if I can support you as well.
I see that @User is working on it here:, once it's ready I'll try to use it with Ory Cloud
Oh does hydra not come with the cloud?
It will soon! We’re targeting Q2 2022
Awesome, great to hear
BTW, I see that there is some sort of token system in place already where it emails you a magic link. It seems like theres a bug where some mail clients auto-click the URL, but I was wondering is it possible to use this system right now and switch over when the improvements in Q2 come out?
If possible, how?
Ah looks like I confused account recovery with sign in, my bad
Any pointers on a way to set up kratos right now in a way that I can switch to passwordless when its out?