# talk-kratos


01/13/2022, 8:27 PM
Hi, I am doing the integration with google and have an issue that kratos doesn’t add session in cookie.
1. I get callback “method”: “GET”, “path”: “/self-service/methods/oidc/callback/google”, 2. Kratos issued the session “msg”: “Identity authenticated successfully and was issued an Ory Kratos Session Cookie.“, 3. Kratos redirects to “set-cookie”: “csrf_token_bb320f781b1ef1c3254360b522675c790959cc41544a6e89f9e6589160fcb15c=AjhoSIMxeQCQAqN/B0g5Itc9aqHXj8ylwNEIcTLuTHU=; Path=/; “location”: “https://.. “status”: 303 d”, “status_code”: 401
those parts are from kratos logs in the same order
This issue happens only when I do test in Chrome Incognito mode and have to login in google. After Google shows me the consent screen - I enter login/password. Then Google asks me to confirm in my mobile app the login and here the result 😞
If I’ve already been logged in google — everything works fine
Does anyone have the same issue?