Hi I've upgraded an existing installation to newer...
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Hi I've upgraded an existing installation to newer version. The new self-service-ui https://acc.login.commondatafactory.nl/welcome ends up in a redirect loop once I press login. SO I'm missing some configuration..
Hey Stephan, did you see our upgrade guide? it also shows a list of breaking changes. some methods/flows have changed their names a bit
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I'm going through them now. 🙂
I'll check if the automigrations where successfull and look for changes thanks for putting me on the right path!
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Sure Stephan, let me know if you find the upgrade guide lacking in any way.
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# Settings for both anti-CSRF and session cookies
  domain: <http://www.cookies.com|www.cookies.com>
  path: /cookies
  same_site: Lax
adding this to values.
@User a warning about the changed cookie behaviour would be nice.
Thanks a lot for that feedback Stephan, I will make some notes to get this changed 🙏