Hello all. I’m currently building out a new appli...
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Hello all. I’m currently building out a new application in Vue 3 with Kratos. My first assignment is to essentially make a basic application with username/password registration and login. I’ve been more or less translating
into Vue. Before I move on into a more in-depth application, I was thinking about forking the repository into an example we can add to the guides. Is that something that I could do for the project? Currently, I’m setting everything up in Docker as well, so I could probably tie all the strings together with a small effort. I could bring it up to feature parity with the React example.
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Hi @User That would be great! Any contribution is welcome 🙂 Please let us know if there is anything you need guidance on /cc @User
That sounds marvellous Timothy, please do ping/DM me if I can help in any way 👍
Sweet! I think I should have the initial codebase tied up by the end of the day today but then I’ll want to clean it up a little bit, add some comments, etc.
I put up an issue and a pull request for this today. I’m assuming that you’ll want to build the docker image yourself instead of using mine. Feel free to fork it, you can find the public repo here. If there’s anything you’d like me to change/update you can find me here!