Hi, Currently I got slow response from kratos serv...
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Hi, Currently I got slow response from kratos server when calling
api (33 seconds+), do you have any idea why it's so slow and how to improve it? Thanks.
sometimes it's too slow like I said above, but normally it takes around ~200ms to finish it, I don't know why there is a big gap like this (200ms vs. 33s+)
my config for hasher below:
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    parallelism: 1
    memory: 128MB
    iterations: 2
    salt_length: 16
    key_length: 16
Do you have any tracing spans by chance or slow SQL query logs?
1. I don't setup tracing yet 2. for slow sql query logs, let I ask my devops team first
I see configuration doc from Kratos said that it supports elastic-apm, but oathkeeper doesn't, is it true?