Can someone confirm that the only tracing format y...
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Can someone confirm that the only tracing format you support is
for span proppagation? cc @User
Hello Justin, Unfortunately I am not an expert with this either.. I have an issue for this open for some time - will see to get it revived from the backlog. We dont have an example for
afaik, but you can look at the Hydra tracing doc, maybe that is of help. Let us know how your experiments go, maybe it is already possible and we can document it as such, Thanks a lot 🙏
Thank you for taking a look. I’ve got the tracing working its just not propagating the spans from our upstream components… its not a big issue right now. From digging through the code I think its just because you don’t expose the correct options to be able to set it up. I may do a PR for that in the future but right now I am moving on with the integration
Ok, good to know it is not a hard blocker. In any case we can revisit it together when you want to spend more time on it - (and hopefully I will be able to close my issue in the meantime and write some docs 😅 )
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