HI, i am following this example <https://www.ory.s...
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HI, i am following this example https://www.ory.sh/login-spa-react-nextjs-authentication-example-api-open-source/ I want to use docker version for local environment, the docker-compose is up and i have use this command
export ORY_KRATOS_URL=<http://localhost:4438/>
and now when i run the npm run dev and click on sign up i get the following error
Here is the docker-compose output
@User @User
Hi @User is there a prefix added to the path? such as
shouldn’t it be
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export ORY_KRATOS_URL=<http://localhost:4455/>
? Or did you change the docker-compose? in that case please post it here.
It was port issue🤦‍♂️ working now.
Ok so now i am working on protecting the routes so if the user is not authenticated i can re route them to login page and for that i need session information, so that i can fetch it inside useeffect hook and if the session is there i can keep that route otherwise resend it to login page.
sounds good yes