Hi folks, any thoughts on authzed open sourced int...
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Hi folks, any thoughts on authzed open sourced internal permissions db just release? Seems like a lot similar to keto https://github.com/authzed/spicedb
one of the owners wrote on reddit: We make pretty large improvements over Zanzibar, but in addition I can cover some specifics on the projects you mentioned: - Keto was originally a very different project that has been rewritten to be Zanzibar-like. It is missing lots of the core functionality that I'd personally consider requirements to really be faithful to the paper: horizontally scalable, bounded staleness (Zookies), and userset rewrites, for example. ORY also develops a whole identity suite, while we're attempting to stay laser-focused and maintain vendor-neutrality. - We haven't spent much time doing a feature comparison with authorizer-tech. I'm not sure if Jon is trying to get others excited about it and using it, rather than scratching his own itch. We've had a lot of chats with him when he has questions about scaling or interpreting the paper. We look forward to continuing that collaboration in the open.
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From a feature approach I would say they are pretty similar! SpiceDB however looks a bit like they want to publish it as open source for the sake of it - there isn’t really any documentation on running it, contributing, configuraiton, and so on. but it is true that they have a few more features, while at the same time also missing some (e.g. REST API). But I think it’s great that it’s open source. We’ll definitely look how they implemented userset rewrites and might use their libraries as the basis. We’ll see 🙂