Whats the appropriate way to - via the gRPC client...
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Whats the appropriate way to - via the gRPC client - validate if a transaction of relation tuples succeeded or failed?
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wres, err := write.TransactRelationTuples(context.Background(),&ketoV1.TransactRelationTuplesRequest{
		RelationTupleDeltas: deltas,
If I specify a non-existent namespace in the deltas,
is nill and I can't really get anything useful out of
hm in case of deletion, there should be no error as the end state of what you requested is there (i.e. they are already deleted) in case of insertion that should give you an error, if it does not it is a bug
Makes sense. I'll just confirm that it was insertions indeed 😄
I have no idea what I did wrong, but it's working completely as intended now!
Thanks 😄
haha well, glad that it does work now
😻 1