I noticed the namespaces in the configuration file...
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I noticed the namespaces in the configuration file and whether they always need to be configured in the
? Just wondering if for every new namespace do I then need to modify this file? Or are these namespaces configurable in another way?
I’m guessing between 0.6 and 0.7 it’s changed formats. My 0.6 configuration example I got is yaml structured
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- id: 0
    name: videos
But on the docs website it references another file? But I can’t find any details about that file?
I found it via digging into the json schema
You can have a
url pointing to a directory of namespace config files
But currently the config is still limited, it will get more complex though
Yeah I noticed that for a Dockerised deployment it’s not great. Would be ace if we could configure it via a github repo or something.
that pointed to a particular branch/commit and file
sure, that would be awesome
feel free to open an issue 😉