Hello, in Keto is there a way to list all the obje...
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Hello, in Keto is there a way to list all the objects accessible by a user ? Something like
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but the other way around ?
it would theoretically be possible, but is not implemented because it is usually not needed see this section for the reasoning why https://www.ory.sh/keto/docs/guides/list-api-display-objects#application-context and maybe also https://github.com/ory/keto/issues/721
what specific usecase do you have?
the TL;DR is that such an API will be very resource-intense and we will have to decide with caution how it should work and what it should be used for
We are a cloud provider, a user can have access to many resources, some that he owns, some that he does not. In the dashboard (or where appropriate) we want to display a list of the resources a user has an access to
In that case:
Usually the application has some context to determine what tuples to query anyway. That could be e.g. knowledge of the structure of subject sets like depth or hierarchy, or the UI context, like a "My Items" view which should probably contain other objects than a "My Organizations" or "Shared with Me" views.