Is there any documentation / examples on how to co...
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Is there any documentation / examples on how to configure namespaces in the most recent version of keto? trying to add a namespace doing things like:
keto namespace migrate -c ./config/yaml
where my config looks like:
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  - id: 1234
    name: test
Searching back through the slack the cmds seem to be for and older version of keto and dont work for me but there's not clear messages from the cli on what the expected usage it, so not sure what way to add namespaces? Additionally is there a way to list namespaces? What happens if I add a config with a new namespace where the id clashes with an existing namespace?
You don't have to migrate them any more, just add it to the config file
The list of namespaces then is in your config file
Just don't add clashing IDs I guess? 😅 It will probably just take the first one in the list
nice, thanks!