How can i implement role based access control in О...
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How can i implement role based access control in Оry/keto -> Because our team will most likely going to have a lot of roles and this is gonna be important for us. Let’s say an example of Admin -> Manager -> Client 1, Client2 and each client can have their own space which space can have their own Administrator, etc. Any Examples or guides would be much appreciated. Also has anyone done something similar?
Hello. We have unmerged PR with detailed explanation
Hi, thanks for the fast response. I read it, but do we have somewhere some full working example of RBAC (repository or something) and i see that there is an ongoing issue with rewriting some of the logic, about
Keto but native support is still work in progress.
can you give me a heads-up here?
Hey @User, we can’t give concrete timelines on when it will be done, but this is on top of our roadmap for Keto right now, so bear with us 🙏
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Hi @User, about here is explained how to create only with scripts & it would be useful to have an example how to create/merge/use in general all stuff needed with HTTP requests, as this will most probably be the most general case used, as in the HTTP Docs it’s very unclear mostly how it’s done. Also is it possible to check if relation tuple exists, before creating it again, because now when i call the relation-tuple route it creates the same relations over and over again?
Let’s say i cant see how to create an relation tuple for a namespace let’s say “reports” with a group