Hi all! About the two database migrations marked a...
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Hi all! About the two database migrations marked as Breaking Change [1] [2], I have two questions: 1. do you have any approx benchmark on how it could take on MySQL on X amount of data? 2. are the migrations backward compatible with Hydra version <
? I want to be sure not to break old kube pods during the rolling update and/or trying to run the migration manually before the hydra update.
Please, does anyone have a clue to give me regarding at least point 2? 🙏
Do you have a staging environment? Even if you get the positive answer here it can still break.
Thanks for the answer @limited-tent-11422. That's the point. Manually testing on a dev/staging environment it's not so reliable imho. I would like to know if the migrations have been designed to be compatible with older application versions or not.